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Reason #1: The benefits of abortion are outnumbered

A taste of what’s ahead  


believe that The benefits of abortion are outnumbered (#1). Yes, I really do. You see, We know when life begins (#2)…and it’s not at birth. It’s not just a bunch of cells! (#9). Oh no, it’s so much more —­ really! 

Abortion in the physical sense is also abortion in the spiritual sense (#12). I do believe that We are self-aware before birth (#88), that There is a plan (#20) and that To fulfill her plan your child needs to be born (#21). I even think There could be a soul just waiting to come into your life (#89). But even if this is not your cup of tea, I challenge you to see how Maybe you are pregnant for a reason (#22) or that Being young and pregnant isn’t the worst thing in the world (#23).

Maybe all you can think of right now is that it’s your right to do whatever you want with your own body. Well, that’s your right and I respect it. But I encourage you to go beyond a self-centered mode and to see that Abortion is about a woman’s body, but…(#25) that’s not the whole picture. Indeed, I even ask you to consider how Abortion is selfish (#74), though I certainly won’t condemn you.

No, instead I want to speak to that good part of you, the noble part, the divine part and I say to you, Every child deserves life (#66)! Every child deserves a chance to change the world! I offer that some of You might be aborting a genius (#67) and I pray that even as Your mom chose life (#42) that you will Do to others as you would have them do to you (#43).


“Wow — are there really 101 Reasons?”

“Yes, there sure are!”


My experience has been that Most women want support not abortion (#5) and that frequently Abortion is an unwanted choice (#6). That doesn’t surprise me since No one likes abortion (#7). But if no one likes abortion, why do so many of us have abortions?

One reason is that we feel unprepared. You might be questioning, is Abortion, the responsible choice? (#47) Or perhaps you don’t know where your parenting skills are. So you wouldn’t be a good parent? (#48) On one hand, Parenting is not something you can ever be fully prepared for (#97). On the other hand, even if you could prepare for it, Do you kill a child for their own good? (#16)

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 Another reason for abortion is not wanting the pregnancy or relationship to be made public. Yet, a full grown baby isn’t an easy thing to hide. Instead, I dare you to change your attitude to Who cares what other people think! (#45) I ask you to think about what is really inside of you because ultimately, you are the one that is going to have to live with it. I believe that Going against your value system might not make you happy (#44).

Another reason for abortion is more practical, like, not having any money, any support or any clue as to what to do if you don’t book that appointment. To you I would say, You are not alone (#38), and There are practical options to make things work for you (#19). I also suggest that It’s better to be alive with one parent than dead with two (#24).

You might be thinking, “I don’t need this book, I don’t need this stuff…If I choose to terminate, Planned Parenthood will tell me all I need to know.” Being gullible is not your fault. You have been lied to  (#3). And worst of all? The Abortion clinics are allowed to lie to you (#4)!

Yes, there are so many things you don’t see or hear in abortion clinics. Ignorance is bliss, until you discover the truth (#17). The truth that Your unborn child can feel, taste, smell, hear and see (#55) or how Abortion procedures are brutal (#49) or the evidence that The fetus can feel pain (#53) is often kept from women.

My friends, Some things in life are wrong (#39). I believe that God will forgive but there are still consequences (#28). Even the abortion itself has consequences. Abortion carries risks (#30). That’s not shocking considering that Abortionists are known to have bad records (#62). When you consider that Abortion may affect your future fertility (#29), you have to consider the possibility that Abortion is not safer than childbirth (#31)  Finally, some Women have died from abortion (#63). And that’s not all.

Abortion may make you unhappy! (#50) Abortion creates secrets, suppression and denial (#51). In turn, Suppression leads to anger, depression and forbidden grief (#52). The reason? Abortion isn’t natural (#72). It’s not something we were born to do. Recognizing this truth, Real feminists won’t ask you to kill your own child (#84). No, real feminists realize that we are connected beings and that abortion lets women down. I believe that Abortion is a betrayal of women (#80) because it kills a part of you.

Though unacknowledged, it’s the brutal truth that abortion also kills a human life. I show that Women know that abortion kills a baby (#27) and even Pro-choicers admit abortion is killing (#26).  With those facts in mind I make the case that Abortion is playing God (#56) and ask Why should God bless America when we kill His children?  (#57) I don’t think it’s too big a stretch to say that Saving the planet starts with ending abortion (#58). You’ve got to realize that You can’t compare humans to animals (#59). For some of you, understanding how The Judeo-Christian heritage is pro-life (#91) may trigger your thinking about your own religious beliefs on the topic. For others of you who are less religious, the reason Abortion is not just a Catholic issue (#90) may be better suited for you.

One error in the way society sees abortion is we see the fetus as a potential for a future child, something you could have if you want, or not bring into the world just as easily. But Your baby exists now, not in the future (#10). Oh, If only you could see what she looks like (#8)! Do you know that the only way you can ‘not have’ this child is to take her life?

Why do we think that a human baby is so disposable? At what point is it too late to abort? (#13) I mean, So what if the baby isn’t viable yet? (#14) For me the basic fact is that A fetus is a human and humans are persons (#11). All persons deserve love, and Abortion is not an act of love (#15).

But how would you know that? I mean Counseling at abortion clinics is a joke (#35). Abortion clinics target you when you are vulnerable and desperate (#33) and certainly, Planned Parenthood clinics are not neutral (#68). I also provide evidence that Planned Parenthood’s beginnings were unsavory (#69).

Planned Parenthood sells birth control but Abortion is not a form of birth control (#73). They sell their product as a solution but Abortion isn’t a quick fix (#32). Sell is the right word here, for The abortion industry is a business (#60) churning out big profits from desperate women.


“Can I skip around as I go?

“Absolutely! The reasons are all linked and hyperlinked”

The fact is Abortion is an irreversible choice (#34).  And it’s not something little either, like, choosing a new shade of hair dye. But the issue has been colored by words. 'Freedom to choose' does not tell you what you have the freedom to choose (#36). And Right or wrong? It’s all in the words (#65).

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Speaking of wrong, here’s another wrong for you — rape. I believe Abortion after rape is a double tragedy (#81). Whenever we get into these tough cases it’s good to be reminded that There are so many couples who would love to parent if you don’t (#82). Children with special needs are another ‘hard case.’ Yet There is still hope for your special needs child (#85). Likewise, with medically indicated abortions, Abortion may not be medically necessary (#93) in some cases. Consider if this decision is your own or Are you getting an abortion for someone else? (#40) Is this what you really want? (#18)

You see, there is a possibility that You may regret your abortion for a very long time (#41). The father might regret it too (#83). After all, your baby is a product of the two of you. It makes sense then that Abortion may change your relationships (#75), with your boyfriend, but also with yourself and your God.

Have a child now while you can! (#78). At the moment it probably seems like the worst timing ever! But What if the timing is right but you just don’t know it? (#95). It’s amazing but for a very small number of you, this could be the only child you’ll ever have, whether that’s due to life circumstances or unforeseen health challenges. I’m not trying to scare you, just get you to think of every possibility.

Some of you may feel that abortion is legal and there is nothing wrong with it. I share with you my reasons as to why I believe Abortion is unconstitutional (#77) and therefore technically illegal. But, assuming it is legal still doesn’t make it right. After all, Slavery was legal too (#76).

Another dark side of abortion is that Aborted fetuses are often used in research (#86). I do believe Hitler would have loved abortion. (#70). I also make the case that Abortion is not real medicine (#64). Not only is it not real medicine but many Abortionists don’t enjoy their job! (#61).

But let’s not get too caught up in the bad stuff about abortion. Abortion is becoming less popular. Move with the changing attitudes on abortion! (#92). Save a life today! (#99). Read the messages from women who have been there (#96), done that — and don’t despair. Motherhood is an awesome experience! (#98) and You can begin bonding with your baby now! (#54). You can still live your dreams (#100). It’s not all over. You can handle this — if that’s what you choose. Above all, It’s your choice! (#37)

In the long run Being responsible is more rewarding than copping out (#46).  When you find out that Your unborn baby is intelligent (#87), when you find out that The population explosion is an urban myth (#79) or my theory that Hormonal changes cause moodiness around the time most abortions occur! (#71) you may be glad you didn’t abort. And, well, if I’m too late and you’ve Had one abortion? Don’t make it two (#94). 

My final challenge to you? Be prepared — You might just enjoy being a mom! (#101)

Reason #1: “There are more reasons not to have an abortion than there are to have one”

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