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Okay, I've got to ask you first of all, what made you want to give this book away. Isn't that a bit crazy after working on it for 4 years. I mean, what are you getting out of it?
Well, it is crazy and it isn't. I mean, I had different motivations writing this book but the most important one was always to make a difference. I mean, if I was serious about making money I would have picked a different topic altogether! This is not the easiest topic but it is an important one. Knowledge is so important and with knowledge, hopefully many women out there will be able to make a choice they don't regret later. That will be my reward.

Now, you mentioned that you had different reasons for writing this book. Can you talk about them?
Sure. Well, I also was interested in seeing if a career in writing was for me. I enjoy writing but whether or not I'll write another book or not is still to be seen.
The other reason was timing. I had a lot of spare time - not four years - just one! I came over on my Green Card  and wasn't able to work immediately and so thought it would be a great time to take up an idea I'd had in college. And of course, once I started the book I wanted to finish it, both for my own satisfaction and the sake of all the women who had shared such a private and painful part of themselves with me. My project became so much bigger than I could have ever imagined and I'm just so grateful I persevered.

So, you said that you want women to make a choice that they don't regret. Can you elaborate?

Yes. I think it's important because we talk so much about choice but we don't really talk about what it means to make an informed choice. It's just 'choice' and we don't discuss the implications of the decision, we just assume that any choice must be good. But women don't know and they are suffering. And they're suffering because they didn't have all this information that they now have in their hands.

Okay, now if you're making this available online, do you think we will ever see a printed version?
That's a good question and right now I'm actually in discussion with someone over that possibility - stay tuned! NOW AVAILABLE IN PRINT!

Finally, I know you're giving this away for free so what can readers do to give back to you. Is there some way they can help?
Absolutely and what a thoughtful question. If you love my book and see potential in it I would love, love, love it if you would forward my website to all your friends. Or if you're on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter, link to the book. If you have a website or blog, I'd love a mention! You can also post my book file on your own site (yes, you have my express permission). The greatest gift you could give me is the gift of passing on my work. Together we can make this a snowball effect as more and more people in every country link to me and  more and more people find it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, to each of you who has considered helping in some way. I am truly
grateful. Let's make a dent in this lie of abortion and help stop the pain too many women feel after this tragedy.

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I really love what you have done.  Its easy to read, not judgmental and full of love and hope.
-Brenda Ruyter, Grandmother of 8

We LOVE your site and what you're doing.
-Lori Rae Martin, Creative Director

I’ve just gone through the pdf and looked through your book. AMAZING and well done. I love the amount of research and citations you used. I can see why it took you four years to complete this…This would be a great book for pregnancy centers to have available....
Georgette Forney, Co-founder www.SilentNoMoreAwareness.org, President www.AnglicansforLife.org

The more I read your book, the more impressed I am.  You've hit the nail on the head in so many areas.
Harms, Creator www.standforlife.net

This is absolutely excellent! Thanks so much for sharing with us. You have written a well thought out, very informative book which I believe will save many lives!
-Sheila Harper
, Founder/President www.saveone.org


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